Party leaders: Create national environment laws that genuinely protect our unique birdlife.

Dear Party Leaders,

National environmental laws are failing to protect and restore Australia’s biodiversity. Today, 133 bird species and sub-species are federally listed as threatened under the EPBC Act (including 16 listed as Critically Endangered). The Federal Government's 2016 State of the Environment report concluded that threats to the environment and biodiversity are significant and increasing.

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 is neither protecting the environment nor conserving biodiversity. Australia needs strong nature laws that will genuinely protect our unique wildlife and landscapes. It's time for change.

As you are the leader of your respective party, I am asking you to commit to creating a new framework for nature that includes four key elements:

1. National environment laws that genuinely protect Australia’s natural & cultural heritage

2. An independent National Sustainability Commission

3. An independent National Environmental Protection Authority

4. Guaranteed community rights & participation in environmental decision making

Please stand up for Australia's birdlife and biodiversity before it’s too late. Ensure that environmental laws are a key component of your party's platform in the coming Federal election.