Petition the Australian and NSW Governments

Dear The Hon. Melissa Price MP: Minister for the Environment; The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP: Premier of NSW; The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP: NSW Minister for the Environment; The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP: NSW Minister for Planning,

I urgently request that you act to stop the current Warragamba Dam raising proposal that threatens a recently discovered breeding area of Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeaters.

Regent Honeyeaters are one of Australia’s most threatened species. Their population has reduced by 80% in the last 30 years and, under current management strategies, they have an almost 60% probability of going extinct.

Increasing the wild population of Regent Honeyeater is the single best option for improving their chance of survival. The newly discovered breeding pairs in the Burragorang Valley are the sign of hope the species needs.

Urgent action is needed to protect all their known foraging and breeding habitat, starting with the Burragorang Valley upstream of the Warragamba Dam.

The Warragamba Dam raising proposal would have significant impacts on listed threatened species, including Regent Honeyeaters, by inundating their upstream habitat for up to five weeks during a flood event.

Your actions can stop this destructive proposal and give the Regent Honeyeater a fighting chance. Your actions can continue to give us hope for its survival.

The National Recovery Plan for the Regent Honeyeater states: “Ongoing declines in population size and habitat availability present significant challenges for the recovery of the Regent Honeyeater and exert strong pressures on the survival of the species in the wild. Given these challenges, all areas where regent honeyeaters are known or likely to occur require protective measures.”

There are alternatives to the Warragamba Dam proposal that achieve the same flood mitigation outcomes downstream without threatening to flood breeding habitat for Regent Honeyeater.

Your decision could either force Regent Honeyeaters one step closer to extinction or it could help protect one of the few areas where they are breeding and give them a fighting chance at survival in the wild.

Please protect Regent Honeyeater habitat and reject the Warragamba Dam raising proposal.