Petition Premier Palaszczuk

Dear The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk Premier of Queenland,

Premier Palaszczuk please rule out any change to the boundaries of the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland to facilitate inappropriate development at Toondah Harbour.

When Australia became the first signatory to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, we sent a strong message to the world of Australia as a global leader in wetland conservation, committed to protecting and conserving these special places forever.

But our wetlands are increasingly under threat. We urge you to stay strong on your Government’s commitment to the permanent protection of Ramsar sites by rejecting any pressure to change Ramsar boundaries to facilitate development.

The proposed development at Toondah Harbour, within the Moreton Bay Ramsar Site, would unnecessarily and permanently reclaim 42 hectares of Ramsar listed wetlands, destroying important threatened migratory shorebird feeding habitat.

If your Government facilitates inappropriate development at Toondah Harbour, by allowing destruction of part of a Ramsar wetland or by changing the Ramsar boundary to facilitate a private commercial and residential development, it will set a dangerous precedent for Australia’s 65 other Ramsar sites and Ramsar sites across the world.

Any avoidable action that negatively impacts a site internationally recognised for its importance for biodiversity would tell the world that the Queensland and Australian Governments do not take their international and domestic commitments to protect biodiversity seriously.

As Premier you are ultimately responsible for the conservation and protection of Queensland’s six Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance, including Moreton Bay.

Premier please stand up for Queensland’s Ramsar sites and the unique community of animals and plants that depend on them. Uphold our state, national, and international obligations, respect Ramsar, and use all of the powers afforded to you as Premier to protect these special places. Starting with a commitment to maintain the current boundaries of the Moreton Bay Ramsar site.